Kalamatianos - Ilios
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It began when some Germans in Koblenz (60 km south of Bonn) expressed an interest in learning Greek dances. We met at the sports hall of the Bodelschwingh-Church-Centre in Koblenz-Lützel with Fotini Ferraro as our teacher.

After afew years Kosta Kalpakidis became our teacher. He learnt Greek dances whilst studying to be a sports teacher in Thessaloniki. He was also a member of the university dance group. We gave our first public performance with Kosta at the parishparty (Gemeindefest).

Unfortunatley Kosta had to leave Koblenz and the group was left without a teacher. Christiane Magiros, who now leads the rehearsals, is an experienced dancer who has participated in many courses led by Margret and Rolf Schiel.

We have been a Greek-German group for quite a long time now as many Greeks have joined us.

Our group dances without set formations and choreography as it is more important for us to have fun dancing at Greek parties in both Germany and Greece..

What could be nicer and more fun than dancing with others at a Greek panigiri in a large parea?

Many thanks to Ellen Rana for the translation

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